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    Quote Originally Posted by Zorrin View Post
    People often suggest testosterone enanthate or cypionate as a first cycle, but I dipped my toe in the water with a turinabol-only cycle, and I recommend it. I only ran it for three and a half weeks the first time, at 50mg a day, followed by basic PCT with tamoxifen.

    I gained about 13lb of dry muscle, with negligible side-effects. 8 weeks is quite a long time to run a methylated oral steroid, but thousands of athletes in the former East Germany ran very long Tbol cycles. I recommend a 1 month cycle, or it could be hard to revive your balls at the end.

    Here are a few of my thoughts on Turinabol (I have since used it as a kickstart to a testosterone cycle, too)

    It doesn't bloat you like dianabol, or dry you out like winstrol. You sort of stay the same on Tbol.
    I feel good on it, and libido is neautral or slightly improved (at least for the first month). It will shut down your HPTA, but not as fast as many other steroids.
    It has a certain "rhythm" that, if you get in sync with it, you will add half a lb of muscle a day.
    Spread the dose out throughout the day. Eat protein throughout the day. train every day, medium weights, don't go for personal bests. Tbol will make that protein stick to your bones - it's a great nitrogen retention agent.
    Recovery after training is fast with Tbol. I'm 43, and I can train every day with only that "good" ache the following day.
    It makes me crave food - but only protein. I dream about thick steaks washed down with whey protein shakes.

    You don't need to take an Aromatase inhibitor (AI) or SERM on a Tbol cycle - estrogenic effects are negligible.

    Turinabol is basically dianabol with a chlorine atom in a position on the molecule which stops it from aromatizing - it's like dianabol V 2.0. Dianabol pills are the absolute cheapest steroid, but Tbol isn't much more expensive. It has a longer plasma half-life, the gains are muscle rather than muscle and water, and in my opinion, it's the most versatile oral steroid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DADAWG View Post
    orals stay in your system by slowing the liver down from removing the steroid from the body.this happens with steroids and over the counter meds alike [ tylenol for example ] if a oral is effective its probablly stressing the liver , some are worse than others but the fact is orals stress the liver or the liver spits them out of the body.

    you want someone to tell you that tbol or orals are great and thats all you need because thats what you want to hear. but just because its what you want to hear doesnt make it right.

    wait until you are REALLY ready for steroids and then try test eth or cyp as suggested for 10-12 weeks at 400-600 mg a week and you will be glad you did the cycle right the 1st time.
    understood. i plan on researching alot more before trying anything. for instance when running test eth/cyp, should i only use nolva/clomid? how does hcg fit in/is it necessary? i understand that the first dose of nolva should be taken only once a certain amount of time has passed since the last injection, correct? and for a first cycle, would you recommend only test eth/cyp, or should a beginner even bother with stacking it with an oral such as tbol? i understand that i have alot to learn before trying aas, that's why i'm here. thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigBlackguy View Post
    They really shouldn't. Turinabol has a high rate of gain retention. This is only true for those who run a decent post cycle therapy (pct), like the TRS from Primordial stacked with a SERM, or simply a SERM for those looking for a cheaper route.
    ^^^Those who lose their gains don't complete post cycle therapy (pct) correctly, drop off in their nutrition, or decrease their training intensity and volume. There is no need for gains to be lost during post cycle therapy (pct) if you do it right.

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    Thanks guys... One last thing, since were on the subject. How hard is the shutdown from this compound?

    Feedback appriciated

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    could clomid be ran for pct?

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