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    Use of HGH for muscle damage, after broken bone?
    I'll make it short and sweet. Got into a head on collision 9 months ago. Broke my Femur, and cracked my hip. Dr. says my leg bone is 100% and hip 100%. The break did sever muscle damage. I cant stick my leg out straight while sitting, and I cannot do and leg presses/extentions. while sitting i can't pull my foot off the ground, while my leg is bent at the knee. While walking my leg will barly hold my weight, so i am still on crutches. and getting SICK of it.

    I was wondering if any of you might have come across a good link, and have personal experience.
    Couldn't find and good details about HGH and bone breaks, here or google.

    thank you guys!!

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    Haven't tried HGH yet but I damn sure feel your pain about the crutches!

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    Are you 100% certain of bone recovery? 9 months and still on crutches is absolutely indicating a problem. What damage was done to your ligaments and tendons? Possibly attachement site problems could be weighing in here regarding tendons. If so, prolotherapy is the treatment. I advise an MRI to get detailed soft tissue analysis and internal bone information. Know what you are up against first.

    If you go the steriod route, from my experience Deca (Nandrolone) is the steroid to use here, of course supplemented with test. I have used both GH and Deca with Deca giving faster response but GH still being tremendously beneficial for recovery. I don't know anything of your situation but atrophy could be your problem, among others. in that case, it is Deca. Lots of research done on deca and its ability to both heal and reduce muscle loss for those unable to rebuild natually.
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    I have also seen localized injections of HGH used to repair tissue, you would have to use ALOT though.
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    I broke my femur in a motorcycle accident almost exactly 5 months ago. About 2 months ago I got on a cycle of Test/EQ/GHRP-6/IGF-1. My recovery has been incredible since then. 2 weeks ago I deadlifted 405*5 and squatted 225*8 (ass to floor). I could barely even walk straight when I started the cycle. I'm still not 100%, but that cycle has really helped speed things along.

    If you want to talk about anything, PM me. I know how hard it is to come back from such a serious injury

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    thanksfor the responses guys..appreciate it.

    i'll pm you topdog.

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