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    LIVING THE DREAM barrysanders's Avatar
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    Default aromasin, EOD during cycle. how long after cycle?
    Im doing a Test E only, 12 weeks.

    I will be running 12.5 aromasin EOD during the cycle, but how long do I continue to take the aromasin after my last pin (or do I stop taking after my last pin)?

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    Senior Moderator Teutonic's Avatar
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    Run it ed as it s 1/2 life is really short...up to 25 ed. As your test will taper in 2 weeks go 10 days after last pin and have a 5-7 day window before pct..Oak will wade in or some one who does pct...I do not.
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    Moderator Kane_Red_Machine's Avatar
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    all these infos from teutonic are correct.
    i would add, than anastrozole is a better choice during cycle, because of it let you a correct amount of estrogen, the male body without estrogen will get weak joints tissues after some cycle, but aswel during the first one.

    especialy for tendons and ligaments.

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