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    Useless Dose of Test Prop?
    Instead of running test prop 100mg e3d do you think it would be effective to run it at a 50mg e3d?

    Im worried about acne, I got it bad on my back and shoulders with test enanthate and I assume prop will do the same.

    Also would it be best to inject test prop eod or e3d when it comes to stable blood levels?

    Will also be running winstrol (50mg ed orally), primo(150mg e3d), and anavar(50mg ed).

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    I would strongly suggest doing prop eod. My last cycle was 100mg prop eod for 12 weeks and I was pleased with the results. 50mg is too low and e3d is not frequent enough to keep blood levels stable.

    Also, I know ana Anavar (var) is very mild in terms of sides, but be careful running the oral Winstrol (winny) and Anavar (var) at the same time

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    Agreed..i'm doing 150 EoD and loving it. Try 50 eod if anything

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    i would say 100mg eod if anthing. beter yet 50mg ed.
    if you keep your blood levels as stable as possible you shouldn't have any sides. it's when the blodd level go up and down that side effect rear up. make sure that your consistant in your timming and dont miss any days. a balanced blood level is the key to a great cycle,

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    I agree with my man Cyto...stability is the all that we do...sides will be minimized..and not just the one s we see but the one s we directly affected by these compounds.

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    I agree with the comments above but if you really want to do 50 mgs. every 3rd its ok. However, that is a light dose and the half life is such that you'll have significant variations in blood levels. I'd rather see you go to 75-100 mgs. eod.

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