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Genox 20 ???

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    Genox 20 ???
    Can someone tell me how good is Genox 20 as citrate (Tamoxifen) by Alphapharm?
    And what's the approprite dosage and duration to begin and end with its use in a 10wk cycle with DBol, Deca and Test? Currently 215lbs @5'7
    So many questions, sorry ..... thanks!
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    10-20mg during the cycle then if you run it for post cycle therapy (pct), you can either stay on for 5-6 weeks after last injection or start 2 weeks after with 40mg the first week then 20mg for 3 more


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    Junior Bodybuilder asianlifter808's Avatar
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    Thanks JohnnyB!

    That's DAILY 20 mg correct? And any particular time of the day to take it?

    Would a combination of say first Genox (20mg), then Clomid (50mg) and finally HCG (5000 ius) taken at different stages of the cycle be more benifical?

    Thanks again!

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