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    What are the most important ingredients of thermorexin
    I know what the full ingredients are, but which ingredients do most of the work? The ingredients are:

    Synephrine hcl
    Caffeine USP
    Yohimbine hcl
    Black Tea
    Green tea (98%)
    Ginger root extract
    Vitamin B1, B3, B5, B6, B12
    Vitamin C

    I would assume Synephrine, green tea, Theophylline, ALA & Yohimbine are the more important ones. Are there any others that are major factors in its ability to cause weight loss?

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    IMO Caffeine! Just for the simple fact it suppresses the appetite.

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    Re: What are the most important ingredients of thermorexin
    Originally posted by NATO
    I know what the full ingredients are, but which ingredients do most of the work? The ingredients are:

    Green tea (98%)
    I think all of these are or were at least talked about as being in the anarchy stack for fatloss.

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    I would assume Synephrine, green tea, Theophylline, ALA & Yohimbine are the more important ones. Are there any others that are major factors in its ability to cause weight loss?
    TxL listed the others.

    Thermorexin is intend to address every aspect of dieting.
    It has fat burners and appetite suppression but it also has nootropics (smart drugs) that keed your mind focused for better workouts, Ginger root and bioprene for higher blood levels of not just Thermorexin ingredients but any other supps you're taking. So it's not like there are things in there that have no purpose, they all do.

    In case you haven't seen this...

    Ingredients per capsule:

    Thermogen and anorectant complex:

    Synephrine hcl:
    Synephrine is an alpha 1 agonist. Its main purpose is appetite suppression. It also has some mild thermogenic effects.

    Caffeine USP:
    Caffeine is a basic part of most thermogenic stacks, it produces most of its effects by raising Cyclic AMP levels. In conjunction with other thermogens it has been shown to be more effective.

    Yohimbine hcl:
    Yohimbine is an alpha 2 antagonist. It is main effects are lipolysis of stubborn fats. It does this by blocking the A2 which is like an off switch for fat burning in those stubborn areas. It also has mild appetite suppressive effects

    Black tea
    Black tea extract, is a methylxanthine similar to caffeine. However it is also a mild beta adrenoceptor agonist. It provides mild stimulation, beta receptor related thermogenesis and bronchiodilation for improved cardio output.

    Green tea (98%):
    Green tea extract provides 30mg (60%) of ecgc, a thermogenic enhancing polyphenol. Studies show significant increase in basal metabolic rate with green tea, significantly more when combined with other thermogens.

    Nootropic and Focus Intensification Complex:

    Also known as piracetam, this is one of the most well researched nootropics. While its exact mechanism of action remains in contention its positive impact on memory and neurological function, which is often impaired while dieting, are undisputed.

    DMAE is a precursor to acetylcholine the main neurotransmitter in the human brain. Supplementation with DMAE has been shown to increase neuromuscular performance as well as providing a direct but mild stimulatory effect which acts to reduce perceived exertion.

    Vinpocetine increases blood flow to the brain as well as increasing levels of noradrenaline and dopamine which increases mental energy and focus.

    Acetyl-l-Carnitine is a co-factor and regulator of a number of biological reactions that are important both for lipolysis and neural function including the synthesis of acetylcholine. It has been shown in numerous studies to improve the levels of beneficial neurotransmitters as well as upregulating their receptors. It has positive impact on thyrotropin (thyroid) and growth hormone releasing factors.

    A more biologically active form of tyrosine which is a precursor for dopamine and norepinephrine that are among the "fat burning" and appetite control neurotransmitters. It was added because Tyrosine is often depleted with "fat burner" use. Tyrosine is also essential for the synthesis of thyroid hormone.

    Lipolytic Environment Complex:

    Glucorell R®:
    Glucorell R consisting of 10mg of R+ alpha lipoic and 40mcg of biotin. Glucorell R has been shown to lower plasma insulin levels which is essential for fat burning. It is even more important with the use of fat burners since they can cause plasma insulin to rise as they "access" glycogen stores. The addition of Glucorell R takes care of the problem.


    Bioperine is a black pepper extract that has been clinically shown to improve the uptake of nutrients

    Ginger root extract:
    Ginger root has been shown to improve uptake of nutrients, though by a slightly different method than bioperine. There is an additive effect, with respect to absorption, when they are used in conjunction.

    Kelp: 40mg

    Kelp is rich in iodine and helps to maintain proper thyroid function which is essential for fat loss and energy.

    Rhodiola Rosea (3% rosavins): 50mg

    Rhodiola Rosea, also known as arctic root, is a powerful adaptogen. It has been shown in clinical trials to help maintain neurotransmitter production, endurance, and stave off depression (which is a common cause of cravings as high sugar meals raise serotonin levels). It also may have some benefits with respect to erectile function, which has been reported by testers of Thermorexin.


    Zinc 4mg
    Immune function and hormone maintenance. Also helps with tanning, essential for melanin production.

    Magnesium 30mg
    prevents cramping from heavy exercise and electrolyte depletion, may have benefits with respect to hormone levels
    Copper 750mcg
    Immune function, also important for melanin production.

    Vitamin B1- Thiamine 5mg
    Thiamin enhances circulation and helps with the metabolism of carbohydrates. It is also required for the health of the nervous system and is used in the biosynthesis of the neurotransmittersacetylcholine and gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA).

    Vitamin B3- as co-factor Nicotinamide 10mg
    Nicotinamide, via its major metabolite NAD++ (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide), is involved in a wide range of biological processes but most importantly the production of energy.

    Vitamin B5- as d-calcium pantothenate 10mg
    d-calcium pantothenate is important for the production of the essential cofactor called Coenzyme A. Coenzyme A is necessary for production of steroid hormones and cholesterol. Coenzyme A is also necessary for some of the more important enzymatic processes include the break down and use of carbohydrates and fats. (ie. glycogenolysis, glycolysis, lipolysis, peroxisomal and mitochondrial beta oxidation, and the TCA energy producing cycle )

    Vitamin B6- as co-factor Piridoxal-5-phosphate 3mg
    Piridoxal-5-phosphate is the active form of vitamin B-6, it is essential for protein synthesis and lipid metabolism. P-5-P has additional benefits with respect to heart health, influence on homcysteine levels, and on reducing pre-menstrual symptoms likely due to its effects on neurotransmitter synthesis.

    Vitamin B12- cyanocobalimin 300mcg 5000%
    Cyanocobalamin is a Powerful blood building factor. It is a key nutrient for new growth. It is Important factor in maintaining health of nervous system, including brain cells. Cyanocobalamin is also necessary for normal digestion, absorption of foods, protein synthesis and carbohydrate and fat metabolism.

    Vitamin C 50mg

    Vitamin C is required in the synthesis of collagen in connective tissue, neurotransmitters, steroid hormones, carnitine, conversion of cholesterol to bile acids and enhances iron bioavailability. Ascorbic acid is a great antioxidant and helps protect the body against free radicals released during exercise and dieting.

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