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    Sore/Sensitive Nipples So Soon??
    hey guys

    i am new to the forum so please dont discredit me based on my thread count. i am currently on my 4th cycle. ive decided for me (and my budget) simple is better! i am running test e at 400mg a week. i have always ran big cycles and put weight on to fast. so i thought this would be the safer way to do ths time around for me.

    my problem is i am only on my 3rd week. (2 weeks done) havnt pinned for the 3rd week yet. i am already noticing my nipples becoming sore/sensitive. i use the combination of words because if im just sitting here typing i cant feel them, but if i touch them they feel tender. it has been a year since my last cycle so at first i was like wow this is good gear, maybe this will come and go. but it has been 4 days so i want to make sure this couldnt be something serious.

    i have letro on hand if need be, but didnt want to jump to conclusions just yet. your thoughts/advice would be appreciated. thanks in advance.

    *the past 2 days i have used 2mgs of Nolva and they seem to be getting better. dont know if thats just in my head or what. during my workout today theydidnt feel sore at all. after the workout they got somewhat tender again*

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    you can use letro but.. most would suggest aromasin "exemastane" or arimidex "anastrozole" and running it during cycle to keep estro levels in check..

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    Did you use an Aromatase inhibitor (AI) during any previous cycle? If I had to guess I'd say that you've probably had some hidden gyno building up over previous cycles that has now flared up this time, as noted above you'll probably want to run an Aromatase inhibitor (AI) in cycle from now on to keep the Estro under control. Sounds like you probably aren't at the point where you need to bomb it with Letro yet but you will be if you don't get that Estro regulated.

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    thanks for the input guys.

    i had mild symptoms before on a long cycle used letro was all good the took a year off of AAS. but never used Aromatase inhibitor (AI) during a cycle befor. what would be the best thin to run durig the cycle? i see u guys say things like aromasin or dex...but i look at these chemical sites and dont see them or not certain what im looking at is aroma/dex.

    let me know what u think i should take and dose. ED or EOD?

    thanks again. nothing worse than ruining the excitement of a cyce with nipple concerns!

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    I once read an article by Dave Palumbo stating that the day after his first inj of sus he got gyno...then surgery shortly thereafter

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    I would definitely go with liquid exemestane during the cycle. Letro only is you have gyno, because it is strong.

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