Im a bodybuilder and im very into growing stronger and bigger for shows/competitions and of coarse for myself.However I do cycle steriods...I really want to get into being a airline pilot in the future (in college)and considering joining the air force or navy to build my career so im open to more jobs when I get out and cut cost on education.However even though I would love to be a pilot for future career im concerned about being a bodybuilder and my not wanting to give up gear all together and bodybuilding just for a certain job...I dont mind maybe quiting steriod use while in military but would suck cause I would not make the usual awesome gains and maybe even lose size after 5-6 years of no use...Im a very healthy person no drugs, dont drink, dont smoke, eat really good, etc (all I do is (2) 8 week cycles a year of LIGHT steriod cycling)...QUESTION IS being in the air force/being and becoming a airline pilot going to effect me as a bodybuilder AND could I probaley get away with moderate cycling as long as im healthy??