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    HELP-6 weeks of gear for an 8 week Cutting Cycle
    Tricky situation thought you guys may be able to help. A new supplement company is using me for a before and after for their new product. They need me to lose 25-30 pounds in total over the next 8 weeks. I’ve done this many times on just ECA but always sacrifice too much muscle so I have decided to use some gear, albeit limited.
    *I have 6 weeks worth of supplies for the 8 week “transformation” and I don’t want to make any more purchases( some miscommunication on duration between myself and the company)

    What I was thinking:
    WINSTROL: 30-40mg ED for the final 6 weeks
    PROP: 75-110mg EOD for the final 6 weeks
    + clen and T3 (I have 8 weeks worth for these guys)

    My questions to you are as follows:

    Q-Based on my goal of having to lose at least 25 pounds I feel these light amounts are appropriate. The only reason there is any test in there at all is to fill in for what the Winstrol (winny) will do to my natural test. Your thoughts on my dosages for the Winstrol and Prop? What would you change based on my goal/situation.

    Q- Which weeks should I take everything based on my situation…remember 6 weeks of supplies for an 8-week transformation. Should I take the Winstrol from the start or just the last 4 weeks, should I lower the dose on the Prop and take it for the entire 8 weeks, etc, etc.?

    15% apprx
    12 years of training
    very limited aas history

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    How many TOTAL mg's of Test Prop do you have?? Ranges aren't going to help us with figuring out if you can stretch the 6 weeks of gear into 8 weeks. And we need to know the same thing for the Winny.

    I think if you are looking strictly for muscle preservation, you should do just fine with ~300mg/wk of Test Prop and 25-50mg/day of Winstrol for the entire cycle (lower range) or the last 5 weeks or so (higher range).

    Again, we need to know what your stash is exactly.

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