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    Default Serono Serostim - Real or Fake?
    Hey guys, I'm set to start Serostim tomorrow, but I am getting nervous that I got duped into fake product. My box and booklet have the Serono holograms, but heres the problems:

    1) My box says EXP 04/2007, but the powder vials say exp.2009, and the dilutant says EXP 04/2007.

    2) The powder vials say "Innovative" on the vials (no Serono or Serostim), and Somatropin 10iu above that. The vials also have a purplish/pink/maroon cap that says FLIP OFF on it.

    I took pictures and I am going to upload them in a minute or 2. Any input you guys have before then would be GREATLY appreciated
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