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DHT blockers

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    DHT blockers
    ok my brother is prescripted my his doctor to take DHT blocker for hair loss, he has to take a 1mg pill everyday as long as he want to keep his hair, if he stops taking the pills he will start losing his hair. He is 25 yo

    My question is that ,can these dht blockers be taken while on a cycle to prevent hair loss, or if so, may be with a higher dose

    But my brother was told my his doctor that, there is gonna be some side effects , like sexual problems ,but side effects would go away if medication is stopped

    So wat u guys think

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    Finasteride has been linked to impotence. Those who sell it say only 1-2% suffer from it, but I've heard it's more than that. There are also lots of guys who continue to suffer sexual dysfunction even years after stopping taking it.

    I vote shave your head and get over it. Nothing is worth risking permanent limp dick.

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    Its probably closer to 5% that experience some sort of sexual problem (whether it be impotence or loss of libido).

    Its okay to use while on cycle. Just keep in mind that it'll only help prevent hairloss in those cycles which contain testosterone. It'll do nothing in combating hairloss induced by any of the synthetics.

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    I have heard that Finasteride works well, but you may want to stock up on the cialis.

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    finasteride will generally only help if using testosterone.

    using finasteride will increase the risk of gynecomastia (on or off cycle).

    generally reccomend using nizoral shampoo. Though lower dose finasteride can be useful for those with high dht levels. IMHO most people use too high a dose. suppressing DHT is all well and good, but suppressing it too much can be detrimental.

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