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    Decca only 1st cycle?
    I have been looking at doing a first cycle of Test E but recently talked with someone with quite a bit experience in the field and was told if I want solid gains over time to do Decca for a first cycle. I've found some Decca in Thailand so have access to it as well as Nolva and Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) for post cycle therapy (pct). I'm 5'8 about 180, looking to get up to eventually a solid 195-200lbs. My strength is good, bench max of 320, deadlift of 405, so really just looking for solid gains over a period of time. Was told if I did Test I would lose a lot of the gains even with proper post cycle therapy (pct) and would keep more with the Decca. What are you alls opinions on this? Doing a cycle of 300mg/week since this is my first cycle and trying to keep it low. Thanks for the advice and help.

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    You will find that most would agree and say not to do a Deca only cycle. Not everyone but most experience no sex drive on a Deca only cycle. Test only is a good first cycle but if you are hell bent on Deca, I'd lose the Nolva and get Clomid as Nolva could aggravate any gyno that comes as a result of Deca. If you are running low enough dosage first cycle, you probably won't be shut down enough to need Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) but if you have it, it won't hurt to use it. If you do go the test only route for a first cycle. You can probably get away with 300-400mg a week and still make good gains and many would say to do at least 500mg per week but IMO it's not necessary for a first cycle as I ran roughly 350 per week and made great gains. Also, if you do the test only route, you can definitely keep the nolva around and use for post cycle therapy (pct). One thing you didn't mention is an Aromatase inhibitor (AI) (Aromasin/Arimidex). I prefer Aromasin but you will want to run this while on cycle to keep down bloat and water retention. Good luck!
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    will this deca-dick trouble also happen if using dht based AAs alone?

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    My first cycle was deca only and I made great gains. I have done three cycles, two deca only and one sus/deca. The last one had the most side effects but also the most gains. I did experience low libido levels on the deca only, but it only lasted for a few weeks. From what I have read and my own experience, keeping the gains is easier with deca than test, but combining them may be the best of both worlds.

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