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    Talking Sustanon 350 and Dianadrol-TP Blend Cycle
    My buddy and I just started a new cycle of Sustanon 350 mg from Rugio Labs and 100mg of Dianadrol-TP Blend from Swisher Labs. This is my first time on the gear and he's been on Test Enanthate from Brovel in the past. Basically, we were told to take 1cc of each per week for 5 weeks. Is this a good dosage?

    The Sustanon has the following ingredients: 50mg of prop, 80mg of enanthate, 80mg of phenylprop, and 140mg of deca. The Dianadrol has: 50mg of prop, 25mg of oxymetholone, and 25mg of methadrostenolone.

    Is this a good beginners cycle and how do we manage getting off of it? We heard good things from these labs through various forums. We were thinking about switching right to EQ once were off this cycle. Also, what stacks well with EQ, and is prop associated with soreness at the injection site?

    I know this is a long thread, but we would appreciate any information given


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    Brands are good, cycle is not. Providing you are ready for cycling, stick to the beginners cycle with test enan (or your sust since you already have it) at 400/500mg a week for 10-12 weeks. although your cycle might work in some way, there is no way of telling what compound will work, which one won't, or which one will cause side effects.

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    Brovel, now thats a blast from the past!

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