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    My Most Recent Blood Test, Test, LH and FSH levels pretty low. What do to?
    Hi there, just got the results of my most recent blood test, and I'd really like to get some feedback from the community here on how to best interpret the results.

    I'm 40, 5'10, 188 lbs, 12% bf. Done two cycles, both of Test-E 600 and Deca, 300 a week, the first one for 10 weeks and the second one for 15 weeks, which ended March 1. My post cycle therapy (pct) was 4 weeks started 12 days after my last pin, it was Nolva and Clomid.

    On TestE 600mg/Deca 300 mg/week for 15 weeks, plus 4 weeks of TBol kickstarter at 40mg/day.

    Ended post cycle therapy (pct) with
    Week 17: Nolva, 40mg/day, Clomid 100 mg/day
    Week 18: Nolva, 30mg/day, Colmid 50mg/day
    Week 19: Nolva, 20mg/day, Clomid 50mg/day
    Week 20: Nolva, 20mg/day, Clomid 50mg/day

    I got my Test levels checked 2 weeks ago and they were pretty low, at 165.

    People told me I had been on my second cycle too long, and now it's taking my body a while to recuperate. I've been taking lots of herbal supplements trying to boost my test levels back to the normal range of 300-500, and right now I'm at 249.

    Also take a look at my LH and FSH levels, they seem pretty low, wondering what's going on here.

    (They are at 0.2, and 0.3)

    The advice I got from most people is to sit tight, and give my body more time to see if it can recuperate back to normal levels. What do you think?
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    Re-read the post cycle therapy (pct) sticky and maybe try running your post cycle therapy (pct) protocol again. Then get your bloodwork done again and go from there. I'm not sure there is much else you can do.

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    Give yourself more time to recover. Eat right, exercise hard, and keep using the herbal supplements.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SquadLeader View Post
    Give yourself more time to recover. Eat right, exercise hard, and keep using the herbal supplements.

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