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Executing proper squats Executing proper squats
1.) To do a proper squat you should first get into an athletic stance.  For some odd reason if you don’t know what an... Executing proper squats
picture of Kendi Charls doing power squats

Kendi Charls doing power squats

1.) To do a proper squat you should first get into an athletic stance.  For some odd reason if you don’t know what an athletic stance is, it when you place your feet about shoulder width apart.

2.) Now from this position you need to place your weight into your toes and pivot them and move your heels out.  Next what you want to do is redistribute your weight on your heels so what will end up happening is that your stance will become a little bit wider.  Everybody has a different stance so your stance will not be the same as your friends.

3.) At this point your hips and glutes should be pushed back with your lower and upper back arched.  You also want to have your head straight ahead with your bodyweight on your heels and your mid-section is held tight.

4.) When you begin your squat, you need to start the decent by leading your body down with your hips in your lower and upper back.  If it is difficult for you to sit back in a squat then you may lean forward a bit but doing so is dangerous.

5.) Half way down your decent you need to start pushing your knees out and opening your groin.  By doing this you will have an easier time reaching parallel and will also reach it quicker.  Also at this point your weight will be shifted to your heels and the sides of your feet.

6.) To perfect your form you can practice on a box.  If you are doing the squats correctly your knees will not move (meaning that they will stay over your ankles) when you squat.

7.) Flexibility and mobility in your hips is a key factor in squatting correctly.  If you are having trouble with your help flexibility you should stretch and warm up before squatting.

8.) Some additional tips that will help you with your squats is to squeeze the bar, arch your upper back, and get your butt down.  When placing your hands to your sides and squeezing your hands as hard as you can causes your whole entire body to tighten up.  So when you are squatting you should squeeze the bar and this will bring more stability to the lift.  Arching your upper back will make sure your head stays up and that your lower back is in the proper position.  Most importantly when squatting is getting parallel.  That means getting your butt down.