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Epistane and Pulse Cycling Epistane and Pulse Cycling
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There is a broad range of estrogen blockers and aromatase inhibitors that result in system shut down

The new drug that is out there called Epistane is revered as more than just an anti-estrogen, it also binds to androgens receptors in skeletal muscle.  There is a broad range of estrogen blockers and aromatase inhibitors that result in system shut down, aching joints, and also decreased IGF-I expressions. However, the added effect of Espistane is that it produces dry lean gains in muscle mass with minimal side effects and suppression of the body’s natural androgen production.

There are also benefits when it comes to recovery after coming off a “wet” compound cycle.  The expectations of Epistane will consist of strength gain, lowered estrogen levels, lean mass, increased libido, increased training intensity, and finally and most importantly it reduces fat storage ability.

A regular cycle of Epistane consists of a dosage of 20-4-mg and lasts 3-5 weeks.  Some people during their cycle elect to do 20mg, then 30 the next two weeks then 40 the last week for variation.  If you are looking for mass gains then you should be running 40mg for the 4 weeks, it is important to keep the dosage up from the very beginning.

An important tactic to consider is pulse cycling – the intentional dosing to avoid long term side effects. An example of this would be HTPA suppression and liver damage.  The perks of using the pulse cycle is that the long-term side effects of chronic oral treatment are avoided and the short-term effects are milder than usual like acme and mineral retention.

Yet another perk of pulse cycling is that it allows for higher dosages to be used. So this means that if you did a regular cycle you would get 100% effect, 100% short-term, and 100% long-term side effects.  On the pulse cycle you still get about 60% effect, 75% short-term, and 40% long-term side effects so that means that you can dose for about 2 months worry free.  Not only that, but also the net weight gain will be greater as well.

The pulse cycle is a great long-term strategy for the new guys looking to have fast and clean cycles for one month without PCT needed later.  The best way to cycle it is to go 2 on and 2 off, but this also depends on your workout schedule.

Then the doses should be high like 30-40 mg and should be taken together preferably before 6 at night.  If you want the doses to be lower and want to stretch it to 2-3 months instead then just go 10-20mg.  Make sure you dose 3 times per week but never exceed more than 4 doses.


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