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What you first must do is to set a goal for yourself ad make sure you stick with it.  If you are really serious...
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What you first must do is to set a goal for yourself ad make sure you stick with it.  If you are really serious about losing body fat then you must be willing to make several sacrifices.

Second, is to drink a lot of water daily.  You should set a goal of a gallon a day or maybe more because water is very important when it comes to fat loss.  The easiest way to ensure that you are drinking enough water is to have a bottle with you at all times.

Third, you need to eat 6 small meals a day that are high in protein and low in fat.  This is very important for your metabolism so it can burn calories constantly.  Eating 1 or 2 large meals will actually cause your body’s metabolism to slow down.  If you skip meals, your body will store it as fat as a defense mechanism.  When you plan out your meals make sure that it is consistant with 50% protein, 40% carbohydrates, and 10% fats.

Fouth, intense cardio 3-4 times a week is necessary.  Be sure to treat your cardio like your regular workouts and go balls to the wall.  If you don’t get your heart rate up when doing cardio then you are just wasting your time.

Fifth, along with doing intense cardio you need to hit the weights hard as well.  The reason for the weight training is to keep your muscle tone so you don’t get soft.

Sixth, figure out how much energy you burn in a day and try to reduce it.  Even though the majority of people don’t like to count calories it is necessary because you need to determine your caloric maintenance level.

Seventh, instead of doing 30 minutes of cardio you should do two 15-minute sessions.  Studies have shown that people that do 15 minutes of cardio in the morning and 15 in the afternoon burned twice as many calories as those who just did 30 minutes in the morning.  Don’t forget to make sure that your 15-minute workouts are intense. But if you have a busy schedule, then don’t worry about it.

Lastly, is for you to keep up your weight when doing resistance training. Remember that building lean muscle will assist you in the fat burning process later on. The more muscle you have, the more energy your body expends to maintain that muscle, even at rest.  Do not do your cardio before weight training.