Uncover the truth about Anabolic Steroids uses in bodybuilding

What it Takes to Bench 500 lbs. RAW
By Dr. Thomas O’Connor MD         2/6/17   This is not going to be a “how to” cook book on bench pressing 500 lbs. Indeed, it takes great genes, insane training, extreme desire and yes, anabolic steroids. Now, I’m not saying that every guy who benches 500 lbs. raw is... Read more
Beginners Steroids, Training and Diet Protocol
Diet, training, and steroids; They all play an integral role in muscle building.  But so many people are completely lost when they try to take the plunge into bodybuilding.  With years of experience on bodybuilding and steroid forums I have seen too many people put together a poor plan... Read more
A Beginner’s Guide to CrossFit

CrossFit is all about performing practical movements that are continuously changed at high speed. It is a principled strength and training program…

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Bulk, Cut and Refine – The Process of Gaining Your Ideal Body
by 3J, Lets talk about something that, though obvious to the experienced, is missed a lot by amateur bodybuilders who are aspiring to get that model physique. I will write this article as if speaking of a person with statistically average stats and the process he has to... Read more
Proper Training Routine for Carb Cyclying

OK guys, today we are going to talk about running a proper training routine for carb cycling. There are many different patterns that can be used in the philosophy of carb cycling…

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Proper Protocol for Weight and Measurements

Over the years as a sports nutritionist, I have seen many people get confused over the proper protocol of weights and measurements. What do I mean by weights and measurements? That would be the weight that you take to see if you are progressing …

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Ultimate Diet for Mixed Martial Arts

Everyday people have dropped their regular gym memberships to sign up at their local Jiu-Jitsu and MMA academies. I can’t blame them. Jiu-Jitsu and MMA in general are not only great for your health, but a very fun way to get or stay in shape.

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Guide to Joint Support

If you train hard and heavy, you’re exposing your joints and connective tissue to considerable repetitive wear and tear…

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Safe Stretching Guide

If you exercise regularly, stretching is vital. The benefits of stretching are numerous…

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