Uncover the truth about Anabolic Steroids uses in bodybuilding

EPIDEMIC: Of Low Testosterone In American Men
Thomas O’Connor, MD   August 2016 Is it true? With all this hype on men turning into women, I decided to take some time and do some of my own research on this topic for myself- here is what I found. A recent, well done study peers into what is... Read more
Anabolic Steroids and Sex
Anabolic Steroids and Sex: The Good, The Bad and the Libido. By Thomas O’Connor MD     5/28/16   Ok, this is going to be a good one! My articles are never boring, as I discuss how anabolic/androgenic steroids-AAS cause medical issues like early cardiovascular disease, low testosterone, gynecomastia and sundry... Read more
Testosterone Replacement Therapy ( TRT ) and Fertility Explained
By 3J Trt is an amazing advancement in men’s health that has helped so many people all over the world. We are no longer stuck with the horrible effects of low testosterone. Though it is an amazing way to deal with low testosterone, it also comes with a price.... Read more
Anabolic Steroid Induced Hypogonadism (ASIH)

AAS users desperately need physicians to help them address the many adverse
health effects of AAS, during and following AAS use, and to relieve the suffering
caused by AAS withdrawal as they strive for cessation.

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How Testosterone Replacement Helps CHF

Chronic congestive heart failure (CHF) remains a significant cause of mortality and morbidity, which accounts for 5% of acute hospital admissions…

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A Word About Testosterone – Part 2: Orals, Injectables, Patches

As far as injectable agents go, testosterone esters allow for some definite advantages. Esters are actually resistant to hepatic breakdown and …

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A Word About Testosterone – Part 1: Androgen Therapy

Despite the strong presence of legal and illegal androgen use, the science of androgen effects has greatly lagged behind the understanding of the biological effects of estrogen and indications for estrogen replacement therapy…

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How Testosterone Helps the Heart

As it is commonly reported in the media that steroids can cause your heart to blow a ventricle, kidneys to implode, and your liver to disintegrate. But is this actually true? ,,,

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Sloppy TRT Studies Lead to Lawsuit Threats

Citing two recent studies that concluded that testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) leads to a greater risk of heart attack and other cardiovascular diseases …

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Can You Boost Natural Testosterone?

There is an extremely common question that I am asked by patients and it is usually asked like this – “Can you boost your body’s production of testosterone naturally?” The answer is no…

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Testosterone not to blame for prostate cancer

For many years we were concerned that giving men testosterone contributed to cancer.

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Synthetic and bio-identical testosterone

What are the differences? Witch one is better?

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Testopel, the ideal testosterone replacement

The first question is if testosterone replacement is right for you. If the answer is yes then the next question is what is the best method.

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