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Bulldozer Weight Training System Basics Bulldozer Weight Training System Basics

The bulldozer weight training system is based on a mixture of doggcrapp training, max-stimulation, and heavy-duty training.  In Doggcrapp training, the key focus is performing 3 sets to failure with a certain weight.  The max-stimulation training focuses on performing single reps with just enough weight so you can perform another rep.  And lastly, the heavy-duty training system was designed for high intensity lifting, which is often beyond failure.

The bulldozer system consists of training splits that focus on 20 rep rest-pause sets.  The important thing when performing your sets is that you choose a weight that you can do 8-10 reps of.  The way to perform these sets is to do as many reps as you can without training to failure, then rack the weight and take 10-15 deep breaths and repeat until you hit a total of 20 total reps for that set.  Another key component of this system is the weight progression.  If you are not getting stronger it is a lot harder to gain muscle.  When you are able to perform 20 total reps for a set in 5 mini sets or less, then it is time to move up in weight.  Here is a recommended mini set guideline of progression:

  • Chest. 5 mini-sets for non-pressing movements. For Bench Press, Incline Press, etc, 6 mini-sets.
  • Shoulders. 5 mini-sets for non-pressing movements. For barbell and dumbbell overhead press, etc, 6 mini-sets.
  • Triceps. 5 mini-sets.
  • Back. 5 mini-sets. (See Deadlift note below)
  • Biceps. 5 mini-sets.
  • Traps. 5 mini-sets.
  • Forearms. 5 mini-sets.
  • Quads. 5 mini-sets. (See Squat note below)
  • Hamstrings. 5 mini-sets.
  • Calves. 5 mini-sets. (See note below)
  • Abs. Work abs as you please. See note below.

Also, here is an example workout routine:

  • Day 1. Legs. Squats using HHLL, Leg Extensions (Bulldozer 20 rep), Hamstring Curls or RDLs (Bulldozer 20 rep)
  • Day 2. Arms. 2 working 20 rep Bulldozer sets of 2 exercises for both triceps and biceps.
  • Day 3. Off.
  • Day 4. Back. Deadlift, 10 rep rest-paused singles, followed by DB Rows (Bulldozer 20 rep) and T-Bar Rows (Bulldozer 20 rep).
  • Day 5. Chest. Bench Press (Bulldozer 20 rep), followed by two addition chest exercises (Bulldozer 20 rep).
  • Day 6. Off.

Day 7. Shoulders. 2 heavy weight, non-Bulldozer sets of Overhead Barbell Presses, followed by Side Laterals (Bulldozer 20 rep), Upright Rows (Bulldozer 20 rep), and then (again) Overhead


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