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Board certified Internal Medicine
Clinical Instructor of Medicine
Department of Medicine
University of Connecticut School of Medicine
Anabolic Recovery Medicine (A.R.M.)

I remember the night I knew I had to focus my medical career on men who use anabolic steroids. September 2003, I was in my residency and on call in the E.R. one night when a 37 year old man came in with chest pain in atrial fibrillation. He was huge – 5′ 9″ and 265 lbs ! Jacked to the gills, but terrified about what was going wrong. My colleagues immediately called me from my call room to come down and see this patient because they were intimidated and did not know anything about the drugs he was on- Sustanon 250, Deca Durabolin, Anadrol-50 and Winstrol.
This is when I realized that the smartest docs do not have any education on anabolic steroids. I started a Cardizem i.v. drip and his atrial fibrillation resolved- reassured him that he will be ok and we talked about his steroid use. I remembered he was crying in relief and thanked me for not demeaning him and for allowing him to tell his story. Anabolic Recovery Medicine was born! He became a patient of mine for the next 2 years in my clinic and did very well. He was able to give up illicit anabolic steroid use and maintained a healthy and satisfying life.

Since this time, I have cared for thousands of men who have used anabolic steroids and are looking for healthy alternatives. Many know me as the “Anabolic Doc”, a columnist for Muscular Development magazine – 2009 to 2012. I have written over 50 articles on anabolic steroids and health and continue to see steroid users in my clinic in Connecticut. I have become the most experienced American physician involved clinically with caring for men suffering from anabolic steroid use. I take a very conservative, professional caring approach to each man and in the end, lead men on steroids to healthier and more sustainable futures. Life after anabolic steroids use can be difficult, with failure of natural testosterone levels, heart and kidney disease, depression and sexual problems. I address each of this issues for every man and develop personalized medical regimens that are sustainable. All of my patients are able to safely stay away from illegal anabolic steroids and I have some men going on 10 years now enjoying life! The truth is that there exists a great quality of life after years of anabolic steroid use, you just have to reach-out for help!

I’m here for men who have used or who are using anabolic steroids and ready to get healthy. It’s time for you, it’s time for your family.

Stay strong and healthy,

Dr O

Thomas O’Connor, MD

Board Certified Internal Medicine since 2005
Clinical Instructor of Medicine
Department of Medicine University of Connecticut School or Medicine