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Another Bay Area baseball player suspended for steroids Another Bay Area baseball player suspended for steroids

Bay Area baseball fans got hit with more bad news this week – this time from across the Bay Bridge. Oakland A’s right handed starting pitcher Bartolo Colon was suspended 50 games for testing positive for testosterone, the second player this month to receive the hefty suspension after Giant’s left fielder Melky Cabrera was suspended for the same thing last week.

picture steroids in baseball

steroids in baseball

Colon’s suspension will certainly affect the A’s post season chances as they were 6 games out of first and only 1 game out of a wild card birth for the American League playoffs. In a statement released by the players’ association, Colon apologized to fans and teammates and the A’s organization and accepted responsibility for his actions.

Minor league pitcher Tyson Ross, who was called up from Sacramento when the suspension was announced, will replace Colon.

Ross’ reaction to the suspension and his call up to the big leagues was somewhat ironic, considering the number of Bay Area players, both recent and historicly, who have been caught taking steroids.

“It shocked all of us just the fact someone got caught for that,” he said.

Perhaps Bay Area baseball players should stop being “shocked” about getting caught for steroids. After Canseco, McGuire, Bonds, BALCO, Tejada and now Cabrera and Colon, it seems that Major League Baseball is on to the fact that there isn’t just good weed in the Bay Area, but good steroids, too.



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