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Aerobics vs strength training Aerobics vs strength training
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if you don’t push your muscle fibers to a level of resistance that is considered the point of failure then you will not get stronger.

Aerobic exercise has shown to improve cardio-respiratory efficiency.  Sadly, a lower resting heart rate doesn’t guarantee longer life but it does mean that your body will have more stamina to last longer.

There are the obvious benefits that marketers exploit to their advantage to appeal to the viewer; like that it will enhance the structural integrity of the connective tissues, the joints, and the bones.  On the contrary though, is that aerobics alone will not make you look like the person you see on the television – no matter how long you do the moves that they show you.  The thing about this is that society is fascinated with the idea that aerobic exercise makes it impossible to realize the meaningful strength gains necessary to have a noticeable improvement in muscle tone.  Aerobic exercise is great if you want to continue at the same level for a longer period of time but when it comes to actually building strength the only strength creates muscular shape and stronger bones.  But it doesn’t strengthen the muscles around the joint and it doesn’t greatly strengthen or harden your body.  So the flaw with just having an aerobic workout regimen is that you are missing is serious strength training.  The reason for this is that if you don’t push your muscle fibers to a level of resistance that is considered the point of failure then you will not get stronger.  Aerobic exercise works on the muscle endurance rather than the muscle strength.

Granted, there is certain type of allure that aerobics is a full body workout, because improved cardiovascular functioning is an important part of being in shape.  However, even though less body fat and improved wind are the benefits of doing aerobics, it doesn’t make you stronger or your body harder.

The only way to be stronger is to be progressive with your exercises.  A person that is out of shape that takes up aerobics may notice some changes in their body initially, but will level off because they didn’t take change their starting strength level.  On the other hand, if there was another person that progressively increases the weight in their regimen will have strength gains and the shape of the person’s body will be noticed.

Even though that aerobics is good for your cardio development but there is are some side effects known some doctors call overuse syndrome.  This is where an individual will experience pain in their knees and lower back.  This is especially relevant in reference to running because it is a high impact exercise and then there will be pain experienced in the joints and tendons.  The best way to avoid this is to participate proper exercise techniques that will strengthen the muscles, connective tissues, and bones.  The best way to go about exercising is to improve your cardio conditioning and strengthening your muscles at bones at the same time while minimizing the risk of injury.

So the best advice is to do aerobics but not overdoing it to minimize the damage to your joints.


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